Termite Inspection

New Jersey Termite Inspection (NJ)

Termites, powder post beetles, carpenter bees and ants are the focus here. Termites and beetles are the primary concern because they are much more destructive. Did you know there are 2200 termite species worldwide and 45 of those are in the United States? New Jersey has only subterranean termites which come from the soil to eat and digest any cellulose (wood containing matter). They thrive where cellulose and high moisture exist, therefore it is essential that moisture drains away from your dwelling and wood products are up and away from the finish grade. Termites can have colonies of over 1,000,000 and can eat one pound of wood per day. Termites appear similar to winged ants except they have non-segmented bodies, four wings of equal length and straight antennas (not elbowed like ants). Power Post Beetles enter a home already embedded inside wood members (usually large timbers in older homes). They too can be devastating to your homes structural integrity. They kick out their frass (sawdust like powder) from small 1\16 inch holes they create in the wood.

20/20 Home Inspection suggests that every home receives a thorough inspection for wood destroying insects by a licensed exterminator prior to closing. A home inspection alone cannot discover these insects. We suggest that you also maintain a routine biannual inspection contract with a local extermination firm to inspect home to prevent an unwanted infestation.