How To Spot A Shabby Remodel

May 5th, 2011Comments Off on How To Spot A Shabby Remodel

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The Victorian looked fabulous.

The owner had poured thousands of dollars into refinishing the hardwood floors, replastering the walls and updating the kitchen.

What she hadn’t done was fix the home’s foundation, floor joists or beams.

During a recent inspection as I entered the dining room, a hutch that was 20 feet away was shaking. Once we peered into the nearly inaccessible crawl space, I spotted the problem. “There was no understructure. It was all rotted from decay or termite damage.”

Our inspection saved his client, a potential buyer, from having to spend tens of thousands of dollars excavating the foundation and repairing the damage.

If you’re looking for a house, you’ve probably seen your share of ill-conceived rehabs: additions that stick out like sore thumbs, for example, or once-trendy materials that quickly became dated.

Harder to spot are the remodels that look great on the surface, but ignore or deliberately try to hide serious flaws. An incompetent, clueless or greedy remodeler can leave you with a house that’s not only expensive to fix, but potentially dangerous for you and your family.

Youll encounter lots more shabby remodeling if:

•”Flippers” have descended on your market. Investors who buy homes in hopes of reselling them quickly may cut corners on rehabs to boost their potential profits.

•Expert construction help is costly. The more expensive it is to hire skilled tradespeople, the more tempted homeowners may be to try to do it themselves — even if they have no idea what they’re doing.

•Building code or licensing enforcement is lax. Substandard construction and incompetent contractors can flourish in areas where no one is checking up on remodelers.
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About author:

John Buckley is a loving father, husband and Home Inspector. He has spent over 20 years of his career in the construction industries with expertise in general contracting, plumbing, landscaping, appliance, roofing & siding repairs and installation. His main focus has always been on providing clients with world class service and care.

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