DIY Water Heater Installation Carbon Monoxide Danger

Brick NJ Home Inspector discovers a dangerous condition during home inspection

Installing a water heater yourself  is no joke and here is why. During a recent home inspection we observed that the homes water heater had recently been replaced. Many water heaters are installed by handymen and DIY’s thinking that its a simple project and that they can save some money by not hiring a licensed plumber. If there is one component that NJ home inspectors find consistent defects with, its your water heater.  A recent home inspection in Brick New Jersey discovered a disconnected water heater exhaust flue pipe that was pumping  dangerous levels of carbon monoxide directly into the home. Carbon monoxide poisoning from an improperly installed water heater is a significant safety hazard which can kill. To avoid significant safety hazard such as this, we suggest that all water heaters be installed by licensed plumbers only.



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